Crazy Idea of the day: Sound recording

How about making a feature that makes the board automatically save all the played sound on the SD card? For video recording, that sound could easily be synced up with the video and mixed/blended with any other recorded sounds thus bypassing the spaker, the microphone and anything else analog that might get in the way.


that’s actually a really good idea! this would make sound effects really easy.
would you have it save to a file on the SD card?

Yep, it would just make one long wav file on the SD card. :slight_smile:


perfect, another great feature coming soon :grin:

Now THAT is a crazy idea that rocks!

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This sounds amazing

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A great way to start using some of the huge storage capabilities of 16gb or larger SD cards, which could never be filled with fonts themselves. Super idea.

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Very cool. Changes SFX work to foley work.