Crazy Idea of the day: pogo pin boards with FETs

While thinking about ways to make saber assembly easier, I had an idea:

What if the FETs for the main blade was on the pogo pin PCB?
The idea would be to have a small circuit that detects changes on the neopixel data line, and after no changes have been detected for some time, the FET would be turned off.

It would mean that the ground wire can go directly to the battery, without having to go to the proffieboard.

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I think it would favour some installs over others. For instance, in my Crystal Warrior Graflex chassis, it would probably work a treat as the end of the pre-wired battery happens to be close to the neo connector. But I can’t help thinking that in other layouts there might not be much benefit.

Unless of course we’re talking about it being accompanied by a much smaller replacement for the Proffieboard, which wouldn’t need to have the FETs. Smaller PCBs equals more latitude for chassis design, which to me can only be a good thing. :slight_smile:

I think it would pair up nicely with the (so far hypythetical) Proffieboard M2


I do something similar in some of my builds. I use one FET form the Proffieboard to control a P-channel FET (SQJ411EP) on a 2oz PCB. It does not need to use the FET on the Proffieboard, but it did allow a common config file to be use for builds with or without the SQJ411EP. The external FET makes wiring easier for me, since I can use smaller wires to the Proffieboard.