Confused with first VERIFY output

Hi. This is my first attempt to create a config file to load onto an “installed” 89Sabers hilt. This is using a config file I modified slightly from the downloaded “stock” config. I do not know what version of the OS is currently installed–it is a V2.2 board. I’m currently working with OS7.13 in Arduino. I clicked verify and I’m not sure if it worked–I cleared up the warnings, but there is still RED text. Is this okay–or do I have something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the log: (FQBN: proffieboard:stm32l4:ProffieboardV2-L433CC:usb=cdc_webusbUsing board 'Pr -

Here is my config file: (#ifdef CONFIG_TOP #include "proffieboard_config.h" #define NUM_BLADES -

My changes to the config file: I added two sound fonts and added “common” to the presets, mirroring how it was shown in OS6 from Fett263’s amazing website. I’m hoping to activate the ability to use WEBUSB after this update–which currently seems disabled.

It’s ok, Arduino uses red text for no particular reason.

This line is the one that matters the most:

Sketch uses 214280 bytes (81%) of program storage space. Maximum is 262144 bytes.

It says that the compilation was successful and shows how much flash memory will be used by this program when uploaded.

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Thank you!

I have a slightly related question: How close to 100% can I safely get when using ENABLE_ALL_EDIT OPTIONS?

As close as you like, as long as you don’t go over.
Unused flash memory is never used for anything, so leaving it unused has no advantages.