Computer not recognizing saber

Just received my Proffie 89saber in today & I’m trying to add fonts but when I plug in my saber via micro USB my computer doesn’t recognize it. I’ve used proffie before when I had a sabertrio saber & remember I had ran into the same issue at first where it wasn’t loading up…just don’t remember how I resolved it.

When you say “don’t recognize it” what do you actually mean?
Do you mean that:

  1. the drive doesn’t show up?
  2. the port doesn’t show up in arduino?
  3. Something else?

My apologies, I meant that the driver doesn’t pop up under device manager. When I open Arduino COM4 (Proffieboard) under port pops up.

If the port shows up, then the computer and the board can communicate.
If it’s the drive you’re looking for, it might not show up because the person who programmed the board might not have used “Serial + WebUSB + Mass Storage” in Arduino → Tools → USB Type when they programmed it.

Ah I see, so how would I correct this for the driver?

I don’t understand the question.

Sorry I’m still fairly new to proffie but assuming everything was programmed correctly, once plugging in my saber shouldn’t the file pop up on my computer?

When I said “drive”, that’s what I meant. (Because it’s like a thumb drive or hard drive.) Having that pop up on your computer is optional. When you program the board you can select the “USB Type”, and if you select an option that includes “mass storage”, then the drive will pop up when you connect it to a computer. Since it’s optional, it depends on whether the person who programmed your board selected that option or not.

I see what you’re saying now. The only other proffieboard saber I’ve used was from sabertrio so I was used to the drive popping up when plugged in since that’s how they had it programmed. I’m going to have to do some research on how to upload fonts this go around. Any video references? I appreciate the help so far, thank you.

I’m sure there are lots of great videos, I just don’t know what they are.
I wrote this page on the topic of adding fonts though: