Color Change Is Acting Different per Preset

Trying to understand why for some of my fonts when I do color change (hold AUX + click PWR) it goes into a spectrum mode (which I like cause you have more flexibility and option with the color, and it doesn’t save to the font), while other fonts when I do the same thing goes into a mode that each rotation of the hilt is a solid color and if you choose it saves that color to the font.

I don’t have color define in my config. So not sure what’s triggering it per preset.


It depends on the style(s) involved.
If the style has it’s own support for color changing, then we use that.
If it doesn’t, then it goes into colorwheel mode.

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ColorChange explained:
If the style uses ColorChange<>, when you activate color change mode,
there will be up to 12 steps per rotation with a little sound at each step.
If it does not use ColorChange<>, the color wheel will be activated,
which has 32768 steps per rotation.
COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT makes it so that IF the style uses ColorChange<>,
when you activate color change mode, it will immediately go to the
next color and exit color change mode. If the style does not use
ColorChange<>, it has no effect.

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If you’re using my prop in OS6, with editable styles from the library the colors will change per ColorList in place of the ColorWheel.
It is explained at the top of the prop:

Or in Controls

If you want to fine-tune the colors in ColorList further use the Color Zoom feature and it will allow you to adjust the colors further.

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the clarification and guidance :slight_smile: