Clash causes Hum Sound to stop playing?

I’ve noticed that occasionally, when doing a Clash, the HUM sound on my saber stops working. The swing sounds and all other sounds still play, just the HUM sound stops.

I am using Proffieboard v3.9 and OS7.12.

“sdtest” in audrino returned the following:

Time to read blocks: Average speed: 2219.25 kb/s, 25.16 simultaneous audio streams.

Any ideas?

I’ve experienced this too on several occasions, and I’m not entirely sure why. In my case they were very hard swings so it could have been very temporary loss of power (that’d be my first guess) but not sure how that actually relates to stopping the audio from playing… or how to fix it…

Any chance the font has some monophonic named sounds in it?

Does it say anything interesting in the serial monitor when this happens?

I’ve never had it hooked up to Serial Monitor while that happened… the hits were harder than I’d care to have it plugged in for testing also, at least with my chassis setup…

That reminds me…
I need to code up something that lets you save the serial monitor output to the SD card.


That would be super-useful as it’s not always easy to do certain manoeuvres with the USB connected.

And I too have had the disappearing hum a couple of times. I seem to recall a reload of the config and/or new SD card seemed to work when I had it, though I was never fully convinced that either of those things were actually at the root of the problem.

Yeah, in my case I just power cycle and we’re good to go again (just turning the blade on/off or changing the preset wasn’t good enough iirc)

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