Can't read SD-card while connected to proffieboard

I did something with my usb ports and now I can’t read my SD-card when I have it connected with USB. It may be possible that I have corrupted my USB-port with Zadig.

Any suggestions on how I can fix or try to fix this ?

Did you have serial + mass storage enabled last time you flashed?

in Arduino IDE you mean, then yes

Zadig only deals with the board when it’s in bootloader mode as STM32BOOTLOADER.
When the board is booted normally into ProffieOS, it presents as several devices (CDC Data, Mass Storage, Serial etc…), but none involve Zadig.
I would take a look in Device Manager and maybe reinstall the Mass Storage driver?

It’s possible to run zadig on any USB device though, and that can mess up the mass storage driver.
Not sure if that’s what happened here, but so, the solution is usually to uninstall the device, and it’s driver and let windows re-discover the device.

I need to uninstall the drivers through the device manager, but how can I know which device I need to uninstall ?

You uninstall the proffieboard device(s), and the associated driver.
In this video, you can see me doing it for the serial port device:

I have the correct drivers and can see it in Arduino IDE on the correct port.

But I still can’t read my SD card while plugged in the proffie
(arduino IDE on Serial+Mass Storage+Web USB)

Is this a OS6 thing ?

A proffieboard can have up to five drivers.

  1. one for bootloader mode
  2. one for the serial port
  3. one for webusb
  4. one for mass storage
  5. one for the composite device to rule them all

Which one(s) did you actually check?
Did you actually program the board with “Serial+Mass Storage+WebUSB”, or did you just change the option in arduino?

If you mean, “Do you need OS6 for mass storage to work”, then the answer is no.
If you mean, “is os6 making this not work”, then the answer is maybe, but it shouldn’t.

I have now tried it using with mass storage and no web usb and it seems to be working.

Thx for the tips and advice