Cant load fonts via USB mass storage

When I try to load fonts onto the sd card via usb. It just beeps. And there are no sounds. No sound font not found. just a single beep.

It makes the folder. But when I go into the file via a reader it shows no files.

Need a lot more information.
Like, what OS are you using?
Are you using “eject safely”, or just unplugging?
Are you waiting for the files to transfer? (It usually takes several minutes, as the proffieboard USB connection is not very fast.)
Have you tried re-formatting the SD card? (Copy all the files first of course, so you can put them back after formatting.)

os 6.7, safely ejecting, and I am waiting. I just reformatted it and I did reloaded files via the reader.

What kind of computer are you using? Win10? Win11? Mac? Linux?
It really should just work, and ProffieOS isn’t really involved that much, it just lets the computer have access to the data on the sd card more or less directly.

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Should I refomat the card via the usb hub?

All I got to do is set mass storage right

I would recommend doing it through a proper sd card reader. I’m guessing you’ll want to copy a bunch of fonts back to the SD card, and that can take a lot of time if you do it through the Proffieboard. Other than taking more time, there is no reason why you couldn’t use the Proffieboard to format the card and put the fonts back though.

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