Can't Get Second Crystal Chamber to Activate


Recently got a Rogue Apprentice from Korbanth, which has a single blade and 2 crystal chambers. After an attempt to add new fonts, the upper chamber no longer activates on any font. I attempted to upload the backup original config, but that didn’t fix the issue. Ideas?
Config here: Config -

  1. Are you sure the upload actually worked? Do you know how to tell the difference between a failed and a successful upload?
  2. Where did you get the original config from? Are you sure it’s correct?
  3. IF the config is right, then it would be a hardware problem, but it seems far more likely that it’s a software issue.

The very first thing I noticed was #define NUM_BLADES 2
Crystal chambers and anything else that lights up is considered a blade. So since you have two crystals chambers, the number here will likely need to be 3.
Though it’s also possible that the two crystal chambers are treated as just one blade

  1. I tested subsequent config uploads that removed fonts from the original config. These uploads all works, as fonts were removed from the saber (assuming that means it worked).
  2. Original config was supplied as a backup on the SD card (this is an assumption on my end). Not sure on correctness, as Korbanth outsources to installers. But I did correlate all the fonts before the error occurred to the config file and it matched.

I thought the same, but unsure how to test adding a blade and configuring it. That was my next research step. It’s possible the chambers were wired together but then it would be a hardware issue I’m guessing

There are at least three ways this could be wired:

  1. in parallel, in this case both LEDs should show the same thing, and the config you have would be correct.
  2. In serial, basically a blade with two LEDs. In this case, the second blade should have a length of two, not one. (You could also use subblades to get completely separate control over the two LEDs.)
  3. Two separate wires from the proffieboard. In this case a bunch more changes are needed to the config file, and without knowing which pads the wires were hooked up to, it’s difficult to get it right.

You already tried (1).
(2) is easy to test.
If it’s not (1) or (2), I would recommend getting in touch with korbanth. They should know how it’s wired. (Of course, you can also open it up and follow the wires yourself.)

So, in the config file, I’m seeing one blade with 133 pixels, which is assume is the actual blade. And then a blade with just 1 pixel, which I assume represents a crystal chamber.

With only one pixel, if the two chambers were wired together, then their colors would always be identical to each other, and there’d be no way to independently set them apart from one another. They’d be wired in parallel just as profezzorn said.

If it was ever possible to independently set colors of individual crystal chambers, then either they are two separate blades, or it’s possible they’re still a single blade that has at least 2 pixels and makes use of subblades.

Not knowing how the saber was wired though, yeah, it may be best to just ask the creator.

If they are in fact wired in parallel, then maybe one of the wires came loose somehow.

You were correct. It was wired in serial and the provided config was incorrect. Which makes sense for why there were only 2 bladestyles per preset.