Can't get into Edit Mode

Before I say anything OS6 is amazing and so far, I find it so much easier and cooler than OS5… Anyway, I uploaded my config and every “define” I’ve put in so far has worked except for edit mode. I’ve put the required defines in my config and I’ve also put the common folder in my SD card, but with no luck. I’ve attached my pastebin, a video for proof, and a picture of what is in my SD card.

pastebin: edit mode help -

video: edit mode help. - YouTube

Are the voice pack sounds in your common folder?

Actually I checked your video, I think you’re doing the clicks wrong, it would have said “Error in Font directory” if the sounds were missing.

For Double click and hold you should click once, then hold second, it looks like you’re clicking twice and holding 3rd.

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Ok, just had to confirm, see my 2nd reply above I think you’re clicking too many times.

Oh, I feel so dumb that’s what it meant. Sorry to bother you so late and thank you again!.. you are the Sith Master to us all!

No problem, always better to ask when you’re unsure. Enjoy.