Can't Adjust Saber Volume

When I got my Senza Sabertrio, one of the first things I did was lower the volume in the config file (it just seemed too loud). I lowered it from 1750 to 250, and that seemed fine. I then installed custom fonts. But since then, the saber seemed too quiet. More importantly though, no matter what I set the volume to in the config, it doesn’t seem to change. I tried resetting it to 1750, but it still sounds like it’s at 250.

Here’s my config:

Any know what I might have done wrong?

Are you sure it’s uploading?

Edit: you also have the define keep_savefiles_when_programming and may need to remove it

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That was it. That line of code had to be removed. Now it’s nice and loud! THANKS! :smiley:

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