Can't Access Board to Update

I just received a pachstore proffie saber with a Proffie V2.2 and wanted to update and flash the board to OS 6.9, however when connecting the board to my computer via usb informational cable it doesn’t become recognized in my computer or in arduino. I can’t access the sd contents and because audacity will not recognize it (i installed the proffie driver setup and a serial usb port shows up but the board is never recognized) I cannot flash the board and I am stuck. I previously updated a proffie with no such issues. What do I do?

I’m going to assume you mean arduino.

Wait, what do mean the board doesn’t show up?
If you see a serial port, doesn’t that mean that it showed up?

My apologies, I don’t know why I typed audacity, I do mean arduino. I mean that when I plug in the board through its serial port into my computer, the sd card does not show up under devices and printers in my computer, and when I try selecting a port to use in arduino for flashing, it does not recognize the board at all, when I unplug it it says it is still connected.

I see, you plug in the USB cable, into an USB port, but it does not show up.

I recommend starting here:

Then continue to “where’s my port?”

(Although technically USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, so you’re not actually wrong…)

Thank you very much for your quick response and help. Through the links you provided I was able to determine that it was an internal issue with the computer not recognizing the chord. Thank you!