Can’t figure out config. Error in arduino

I’ve been going through it the last couple of days trying to figure this out. First problem is in the arduino config thing where everyone else’s has a bunch of “//#define CONFIG_FILE “config/mysaber_config.h” “ mine only has one plus my actual config.
Error message is “effect has not been declared” and idk if red words that are in the black box are also wrong but if so I have a lot of them.
Please help!

In ProffieOS v6, the rest of the CONFIG_FILE defines are further down.
Not that it matters, you only need one.

Please post the complete error message, or at least the first 100 lines or so.
Use the “copy error message” button in arduino.

It might also be useful to post the config file you’re using.

Damn man you guys are fast lol I already put it away and what not so I’ll do it tomorrow! I appreciate everything!

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