Which pins is it NOT safe to bridge to to use BridgedPullupBladeID ?

Also, if using
#define BLADE_ID_CLASS SnapshotBladeID<bladeIdentifyPin>,
is it still required to also
#define ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3>?

I think any unused pin will for for BridgedPullupBladeID.
I would probably avoid using Data4 though as it is not 5v-safe, I think all the other pads are.

SnapshotBladeID is a weird analog thing. It’s possible that it can be used without ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID, but I have not tried that.

Normally ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID is required because the neopixel inputs are not high-impedance when not powered, which trows off the resistance measurements. However, since SnabshotBladeID doesn’t really measure the resistance anyways, it may still work.

Well I just confirmed (on a PBv3)
#define BLADE_ID_CLASS SnapshotBladeID<bladeIdentifyPin>
without ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID works great without a BladeID resistor installed.
Metered the resistance on the blade PCB = 1023
Measured by the board = 1023
No blade reports as ~560
Toggles my preset banks just fine.