Board Overheats and Enters A Boot Loop

Saber works as it should for a couple minutes then boot loops. Board gets over 160 Fahrenheit. Just confirming it’s likely toast, right?

Battery is full. TCSS 18650 15A continuous discharge.

Likely of note: I made an error and soldered my speaker to the wrong pads (GND and +3.3). I have since corrected that, but I’m guessing it’s possible that caused a short?

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Do you know what part of the board is getting hot?
Heat always means that something is channeling more power than it’s supposed to.
Sometimes, this is caused by a short somewhere, and removing the short simply fixes the problem.
Sometimes, this is caused by damage in the CPU other other chips which cannot be fixed. The damage could have been caused by another short, or even by static electricity.

In general, this means:

  1. if you can figure out what is getting hot, we may be able to figure out where the short is and fix it. (Unless it’s the CPU, which could mean anything.)
  2. Inspect all wires and onboard components for suspicious shorts. Could be a stray wire, could be a small ball of solder in the wrong place. If you see something weird, try to fix it and see if the problem goes away.
  3. If none of these helps, de-solder all wires from the board one at a time to see if the problem goes away at some point. If the problem persists when all wires are gone, then the problem can’t really be your wiring.

If none of this helps, then I would agree that the board is probably toast.

De-soldered everything one at a time. The CPU is still overheating. Gonna call this one dead. Thanks for the help!!

Have you cleaned it with Isopropyl and a soft toothbrush?