Board Design Question

I’m going to assume the answer is board space, but, is there a reason there isn’t a version of the Proffie board that does away with all the through hole connections and instead has a low-profile wire-to-board connector? Could even ship with a pre-wired mating connector, all color coded.

Could call it the ProffiEZ. :grin:

I’ve considered connectors quite a bit, but I haven’t found a solution that I really like.
Most connectors take a similar amount of space as solder pads, but they stick up quite a bit more.
Also, I haven’t found any suitable connectors that can handle more than one amp, so using connectors for BATT+, BATT- and LED1-6 wouldn’t work.

That makes sense. I figured it would come down to a size thing. How many amps total would it need to handle? I know TE has some that handle 4A, and comes in a double-row 30 position, but even as compact as it is, it’s still pretty big:

1-27-2023 10-39-14 PM

That connector is larger than an entire proffieboard, and we would need 20 of those pads just to support the LEDs and BATT-. (2 per LED pad and 8 for BATT-)