Blaster Stance

Playing through Jedi: Survivor and just acquired the Blaster Stance. Cal’s blaster is very cool. Having recently played Yakuza: Ishin which has a similar mode (pistol and katana), I’m very into this mixed combat.

I wonder if allowing Jedi to equip ranged weapons will make its way into the film canon. I’m low key for it, I think.

Should Jedi use pistols? Is it only for desperate times (which they always are in the films)? Or is it a weak move?

It feels very Jedi to only shoot people by deflecting their own blasts.
However, I could see some Jedi thinking that it would be more efficient to just shoot them without waiting for them to shoot first…

Interesting. I suppose a Jedi can read malicious intent in the force/mind. So even if they shot first, it would be a reaction to intent. Japanese martial artists often label this ‘irimi’ or ‘entering’. Bruce Lee might call that ‘intercepting’. The stormtrooper moves first, but the Jedi arrives first.

Rey had her NN-14 in TROS

I was thinking about that. Does she keep it all the way through, or give it up when she thinks of herself as a Jedi? I think Luke has both until he is too cool for a blaster. Rocks up, blasters down…

I don’t think it matter what Rey does and doesn’t do, she hasn’t really had the chance to experience Jedi culture, so she can be any kind of Jedi she wants to. It doesn’t have any bearing on what other Jedi would do.

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I suddenly recalled this little book for the history/hoplology buffs. An argument for the period in which Japan (or at least parts of Japan) rejected the superiority of firearms:

Giving Up the Gun

I mean, going forward it has every bearing. She’s Grand Master of the Jedi Order post-TROS. Her choices become the policy and culture of the Jedi.

But having reviewed a YouTube video of the ending, she did not have the blaster strapped to her when she’s on Tatooine.

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Also, to paraphrase Elzar Mann’s ghost speech to Luke: The Jedi are what they need to be for the time they are in.

Warriors, peacekeepers, protectors, lords, leaders, survivors, scholars… Cal is what needs to be.

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Since my favorite character is Kyle Katarn, I wholeheartely agree that Jedi can use both. :wink:

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