Blaster effects slowing and then crashing board

Picked up a Relic Hunter hilt that came with a default TXQ chassis and Proffieboard v2.2. The chassis is hot garbage, but the hilt is pretty slick.

Eventually I’m planning a custom chassis and a repaint with weathering, but for now I e just been messing around with it the way it came.

Here’s my issue. If I spam blaster effects, it slows down after a few and then hard locks up shortly thereafter. No sound, blade on, buttons unresponsive.


Check SD card speed, try removing the SD card and using, you’ll get missing SD/font errors but the VFX should run.

If it works without SD, then try reformatting the SD and reloading fonts. If it persists after reformatting run ‘sdtest’ in Serial Monitor (remove DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS)
You want at least 1200 kbps with 12 simultaneous audio streams or get a better performing SD.

You can also add #define KILL_OLD_PLAYERS if you’re constantly spamming blast but only if the SD card performs well enough.

Ok so that worked, I don’t know how that SD card got mixed in with my “good” ones. I’ve been getting lazy with my testing I guess since the V3 came out.

Thanks alot.