Blaster block when powering on

I’m having a really irritating issues with my Proffie 2.2 equipped UW Sacrifice saber. When I hit the power button, 8 times out of 10, the blade ignite sound if immediately followed a blaster block sound or two. Opening up the control box, it doesn’t look like the power button is hitting the aux button, so I really don’t know what the issue is. I had just recently upgraded to 6.9, but I’m not totally sure if it was happening before that or not. I tried searching everywhere for people having a similar issue and came up empty handed. Is this something halfway common? I’m hoping this is a relatively common enough occurrence that has an easy fix. Thanks in advance!

What does the serial monitor say?
Can we take a look at your config file?
Also, you may want to consider trying ProffieOS 7.x, which has some fixes for these sort of things.

I’d have to get back to you with the serial monitor because I’m away from the saber right now, but I’ll post it’s config below. I’m a total novice at this so there was a lot of copy pasta to be honest. That and countless hours of frustrating trial and error lol!
kanan_jarrus_config.h (218.5 KB)

Have you tried higher clash thresholds? Like 5-8?
At some point it gets difficult to do actually do a clash of course, which isn’t any better than having false clashes.

Are you sure it’s a blaster block and not a clash? Many sound fonts have very similar wav files for both, and sometimes a ‘clicky’ button can trigger a clash.

@Sabersense it was definitely a rogue blaster block and not a clash–I played with both sounds and to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing.

I kind of wish I would’ve run the serial monitor before installing ProffieOS 7.5, though, because that somehow sorted it. Thanks!!!