Blade style loading Latency (FPS drop) problem

Hi all,when I’m firing the saber that blade style seems like a little bit Latency, when I swing the blade it get much more bad, some times the blade style will get completely stuck. my proffie OS is 5.9. At first I thought it was the blade wiring problem that I was build yesterday ,and I tried change chassis (proffie OS 6.9) with the same hilt and same blade, it’s work very well.

Laggy blade animations are caused by a slow SD card and complex blade styles in combination.

Put the SD in your computer and backup the files, then reformat it using

You can then test the speed by:

  • temporarily removing #define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS from your config
  • put the SD back in the board
  • upload
  • once finished, open Serial Monitor in Arduino
  • type sdtest and click “send” or hit return.

Ideally you get ~1200 kbps and 10-12 simultaneous streams.

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Thank you,I will follow the instructions once I get home~

Problem solved,the saber was a gift to my firend, after changing another high speed SD card and everything works well~ Thank you NoSloppy. really appreciate it.