Blade Style Change after retract

Im using this Style:

StyleNormalPtr< ColorCycle<Blue,0,1,Cyan,100,3000,5000>, White, 800, 300>(),“”},

It produces a slowly building cyan blade on ignition. Odd thing is: after a retract, the next ignition just produces a cyan blade lighting up all at once. If I chose a different blade and then go back to this one it produces a slow build again.

You need to change the time to transition or allow it to complete. ColorCycle<> has ON and OFF states built in if you ignite while is still transitioning it will not have returned to original starting speed thereby affecting what you see.

If you want similar effect you can just apply a TrColorCycle ignition effect it will reset each transition instead.

Im not sure what you mean by “allow it to complete” If I wait 10 seconds before turning off it will still start up without transition.

Also, if I wait a long time, >minute the blade will start without transitioning.

It has to finish transitioning from ON to OFF, so however long you set (default is 5000 ms I think if you didn’tset in template), then it would be back to original speed for you to ignite the same way, if you ignite before that it is starting at a different speed.

Ok. But I can wait much longer than 5000ms, in fact an hour, and when i reignite it doesnt transition. The only way to reset is to chose another blade style and then change back.

Odd, might be StyleNormalPtr<>

Try this instead.


Yup, that did the trick.

Copol. Yeah StyleNormalPtr<> has it’s own InOut built it, it must not play nice with ColorCycle.

Thanks! How many StylePtr types are there?

There’s a few but they’re a much older syntax (OS1 I think)
By and large I would just run StylePtr<> in current OS for all styles.