Blade font isnt matched with sound font

Hello, I´ve recently added new blade fonts that I created on Fetts website and wanted to add soundfonts to them. Uploaded the blade fonts via arduino and got no error, blade fonts are installed without issue. However they dont have sound fonts, even though they are uploaded on sd card. When selecting the blade font on lightsaber, it says “Font directory not found”.


SD Card

First of all, you should probably clean up your defines section. None of the sa22c ones are needed if you’re using the Fett263 prop.

Secondly, when uploading, what message is it displaying? Are you seeing the progress bar with % numbers increasing?

Thirdly, just to make sure, delete all the ini/tmp files from the root and see if that helps.

Will try to clean up the defines, but it worked before on all my sabers.

  1. Yes, I see the progress bar, no errors presented and it looks like this:

  2. Will try


Before using that define be sure you read this