Blade Effects glitchy for specific sound font

Hi! I created my own lightsaber soundfont. When I put this soundfont on both of my proffieboards, the blade effects for the ignition, lockup, tip drag, (basically the loud parts), are glitchy/blocky/laggy. I dont know how to fix it. Heres additional info that might help: all the other soundfonts on both of my sabers work completely fine. The soundfont works fine on other boards (CFX, Xeno, etc.). The batteries were not low, and only on one of the sabers was the storage pretty full. Any answers would help, and Im willing to try/check things. Thank you.

Check this out:

It’s fairly likely a SD card problem, but it could also be a problem with the styles for that preset.
One way to check is to swap the fonts around with another preset.
If the problem follows the font, it’s almost certainly the SD card.
If the problem follows the styles, it’s a style problem.