Blade and sub blade order question

How can I set the order of when a blade or sub blade starts and accents. I would like to have one to come on when I boot on the saber and then have the crystal chamber start shortly after with the main blade start when I power on the saber, basically how do I determine the order of events in the config file and a basic example config file would be great. Thanks for any help MTFBWY

just set in the style code for each. For the one you want to come one at boot either set a Off color or don’t include an InOut layer, this will have it light up as soon as power is provided.

If you want the Crystal to be “delayed” after igniting the main blade just use an IgnitionDelay<> on it.

There isn’t an “order of events” per se, as power and styles are applied to all blades instanteously or within microseconds of each other so just set the styles up to light when you want.

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Thanks for the information. This should help me do what i am wanting for the different blades thanks again and for all that you do for this community