Battery level effect not extending full blade length

For my battery level, I’m using the “% Blade (Green to Red)” setting in @Fett263 's OS6 Style Library. When the battery is at 100%, the blade lights up mostly green, but the top 2 or 3 inches does not light at all.

Is this a known issue? Or does this indicate something is wrong with my config? Normal ignitions light the entire blade, and blade effects like drag and melt are located right at the tip where I’d expect them.

Just means that’s the “max” for your saber. BatteryLevel is a “guestimate” not an exact value, so the max voltage on your battery is slightly less than the max the style expects.

Blade being on taxes the battery so it is not the same as at rest.
You could scale the visual out a bit so 100% is a little bit > 32768 I suppose.

Check this too:

Ah, interesting. Yeah I guess I assumed whatever determined the spoken battery level would be the same thing that dictated the blade level. But I guess the blade level is more realtime.

Just wanted to make sure something wasn’t wrong. Thanks for the info.

Spoken % is rounded to an integer, while the % Blade has a range of 0 ~ 32768 so there’s a rounding difference between the two.
As Brian noted, when the blade lights up it will affect the battery level, the spoken value is calculated before the blade lights, whereas the blade light is using real time value so there’s always going to be a slight inherent difference.