Avoid newfont / ignition on next preset?

So I’ve tried all kinds of things and have reached the point of asking for pointers.
I was looking to see if it’s possible when “live” switching presets while the blade is on to simply roll into the next bladestyle and hum without ignition and font.wav playing.
I’ve poked around SetPreset, SB_On(), tried repurposing entire voids in my prop with different names like SetLivePreset() called by live_next_preset()… .
I don’t get how to carry a condition or a bool into another file because that doesn’t work (error - not declared in this scope etc…)
and I tried doing it with #ifndef then #define, do the thing, #undef…that’s not the way to do it.

I admittedly don’t know enough and I’m sure it might be something simple, but I could use guidance, and/or to be told just fuggetaboutit.

Based on videos from Fett263’s Edit Mode demos, where the blade always re-ignites when changing presets, I’m thinking it might not be a simple few lines.

Live switching presets is not easy.
Many blade styles don’t even work if they don’t get an ignition event since they assume that they start in an “off” state.
Also, scanning a sound font directory for files will generally cause big audio glitches, so live switchings sound fonts isn’t easy either.

Might be worth looking into on the V3 boards since they have a lot more memory and SD speed, meaning that we could run both presets at the same time and fade between them.