Audio glitchy until SD card is removed

Weird issue, sound is glitchy but when the SD card is removed, the SD card not found error audio is clear. I’ve tried multiple SD cards including those that work on other hilts but same issue. Sdtest gives 1280/s and 14 audio streams. Video in comments. Running os6.8. Everything else, OLED, Bluetooth, etc works fine.

Is it particular fonts?
Do the default ProffieOS fonts sound glitchy?

Defaults and my own fonts. Oddly, went to 6.7, suddenly audio was crisp.

The ONLY difference between 6.7 and 6.8 is a change in the audio system that’s supposed to prevent overflows. If that’s not working properly, glitches could be the result.

Could you take a video or something?

I get the same issue with OS 6.8 but when I revert to OS 6.7 its fixed

I’d love to try this.
Could you zip up your ProffieOS folder as-is when it’s doing that and send it?

Ok, problem found.
I had a zip file which was generated wrong, and for some reason I uploaded that one to github and the correct one to my site. If you downloaded the one from github you will have audio problems.

If you have a 6.8 zip which is 655649 bytes long, please re-download.
The correct version is one byte longer… :slight_smile:


Can confirm. One byte off. Correct version works.