Arduino IDE defaults to butterfly each time

I’m not sure when it started happening, but every time I connect a board or it restarts the connection defaults to butterfly, not proffie, and goes back to serial only. I’m not terribly familiar with the arduino software, is there a fix for that?

What version of the arduino do you have?
What version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin?
Are you running Windows, or something else?

Arduino IDE is 2.04, arduino-proffieboard is 3.6, i think - it shows me the option to install 2.2 only, so i’m not sure how I would reinstall/update it to the prerelease versions.

Running Mac latest.

Weird, Arduino 2.x must be doing something different.
A long time ago, the arduino-proffieboard plugin defaulted to Butterfly boards because they were listed first, but I changed it. Maybe Arduino 2.x defaults to whatever is listed last??

2.1.0 just released & fixed this issue. It now remembers the last board selected.


Oh brilliant. I checked for updates in the app but I’ll go manual on it and force the issue. Thanks!