Arduino error help please

Here’s my config: Proffie 2.2 config -

and the error messages: c:/users/chris/appdata/local/arduino15/packages/proffieboard/tools/arm-none-eabi -

Can someone try and help me decipher it? I’m using the newest versions of arduino, proffieOS and the arduino proffie plugin.

region `FLASH' overflowed by 35040 bytes

Your config is too large.

That’s not your config file, that’s ProffieOS.ino. Your config is listed as


You need to remove presets and/or optimize styles so it fits in Flash memory.

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Thanks so much guys, removed some presets and think I got it now, no errors when I verified!! However, it says I’m at 97% of program storage space, is that ok?

Also, when I install the config to my board, do I need to have the SD card in the saber? I have an external SD card reader. And what USB type setting should I use? Serial, Serial + webUSB or serial + mass storage + webUSB?

And this might be a dumb question, but when I connect my saber, do I need to have the battery in it?

It doesn’t matter for uploading.

I would recommend Serial or Serial + webUSB if you plan to use ProffieOS Workbench.

I tell users to avoid Mass Storage option as you then need to Eject every time you connect or you risk corrupting your SD. With Mass Storage your computer will occupy the SD everytime you connect and if you forget to Eject it is not good for the SD, so much easier to not use Mass Storage in my opinion.

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Awesome, and what about the battery? Does it need to be in the saber for uploading the config?

Doesn’t matter either.

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Ok, when I connect my saber to PC with microUSB, the saber gives me some kind of audio message that is extremely distorted and I can’t understand it at all… is that normal?

If you don’t have battery power and/or the SD is removed, then yes.

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Got it working guys! Thanks again, I guess the audio was nothing to worry about :slight_smile: