AltFont change not triggered on Multi-Phase Force Change

Hello all, first timer here! I’ve read the alt-font docs and have done my best to follow, but I’ve still got some issues and would love some help. I’ve:

Updated to ProffieOS7

Created a folder that contains alt000 and alt001 directories that have the unique sounds (both folder structures are the same with the same number of wav files, and the same names too), and at the top level I have the rest of the common sounds in their usual directories

I’ve used the style builder to create a multi-phase force change style

I’ve updated my config to add #define FETT263_MULTI_PHASE

I’ve added SyncAltToVarianceL as a layer to my style

What I’m seeing however is the style and colour change are picked up correctly, however the font doesn’t change.

Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve added my config file - I’d taken my default one and gutted bits/added extra styles and fonts in.

Any help would be super appreciated!!

newConfig.h (75.0 KB)

To my understanding, SyncToVariance will depend on a change in Variation.
I’ve actually never tried alt sounds linked to a colorchange, but there are several different ways colorchanges can happen and I’m not entirely sure how it behaves under different methods. The example on the POD shows a 2 color list in ColorChange<>, as in ColorChange<TrFade<300>,Red,Blue>, but I can’t speak to what it does if you have a smooth color change using like RotateColorsX<Variation,Red>.
There’s also a color list used in the fett263 prop, so as you can see, how the variation changes might matter?

What I have done and can say works well is to just have it swap between alt000 and alt001 you can tell TrDoEffect to toggle the alt sound when you do Force with

TransitionEffectL<TrDoEffectX<TrInstant, EFFECT_ALT_SOUND, EffectIncrementF<EFFECT_FORCE, Int<2>, Int<1>>>, EFFECT_FORCE>>

You cannot use this define in BC’s prop AND this define does the opposite of Alt Font, it changes the preset using Multi-Phase controls in my prop.

It would not work with RotateColorsX<> as it would technically require 32768 alt possibilities but only we only support 999 directories (in theory but in reality that many would most likely cause other issues), so you couldn’t effectively use it. The use of ColorChange<> is how to use SyncAltToVariance as it limits the number of colors and alts to expected use.

With my prop Variation styles work differently as Variation conflicts with Color Editing and Edit Mode. Variation is an older form of Color Change, with OS6 and the addition of Color arguments we no longer need RotateColorsX<> as it is limited to a single change, Edit Mode and color editing allow each effect to be individually edited so my prop will not use Variation in Color Change mode if the preset contains Color arguments.

Thank you so much for the replies, the TransitionEffectL suggestion worked a treat!

I really appreciate the time you both took to reply, I’ll take a look at my config and have a crack at migrating it to the latest style

Hope you all have a great day!