A couple of things that might or might not be easy

OK, so now I am hooked on the idea of making my saber perfect. Who isn’t right? But, it now leads me to the following config questions.

1: Right now I am using SA22C’s prop file (yes, the newest one) and pressing the button three times when the saber is off has it speak the battery power, but it’s in volts. How do I get this in percentage? Will I have to change the wav files for this? Where would those go and what would I have to change on my SD card?

2: All of the gestures work terrifically. However, and this may be my fault for also using the GESTURE_AUTO_BATTLE_MODE define in my config, the Twist Off gesture seems to sometime trigger a lockup effect and not want to turn the saber off. Also, the delay to turn off the saber with the button seems a lot longer than it used to be.

3: Now this one is a bit harder, I think and for that I apologize upfront. I know the saber goes to sleep after a while, five minutes I believe is the default? Once it goes to sleep, it of course does not respond to gesture controls any longer. However, to wake it back up, you have to press the activation button (single button config here). Which is a problem if I want to turn on the saber to just wake it up but not activate the blade. I want to use gesture controls to activate the blade. So, the question… Is there a way to configure the saber so that the activation button just wakes up the saber when it’s in deep sleep?

If there is anything you need to know about my config file, props file, etc… please let me know…

Many thanks in advance…

What version of ProffieOS are you using?

ProffieOS v5.9… Just updated to that from v5.6…

I have this feature in my saber_BC_buttons prop, where three clicks does voltage, but three clicks with a hold does percentage.
However, that’s only included with the os6 beta and uses sound library as it is written. I have a personal copy that does it fine for 5.9 and when I get back to my computer I can post the code that you could swap in if you want.

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that would be splendid… thank you…

You can also start to familiarize yourself with OS6 for when it releases, there’s a bunch of info and documentation listed in the original post: ProffieOS v6.1 BETA testing

My prop has voltage/precentage and a TON of other new features for both 1 button and 2 button:

One problem with controls like this is that there is no way to know what’s going to happen if you don’t know exactly how long the saber has been idle. Not a major problem I suppose, but potentially annoying.

The alternative would be to use a different button combination (one that isn’t expected to ignite the blade) to wake up the motion chip. Not sure which is better though.

and in my case that’s impossible cause all my sabers have 1 button, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about as well. from a “check this out” POV it’s embarrasing when you try to use the gesture ignition and nothing happens.