7Chambers MoM Config

Can anyone help me with a config for a 7chambers mom or share one of your own? I’ll just have one pixelblade and the 2 control box accent LEDs.


It’s my understanding that the control box has its own “helper board” in it.
Depending on how that’s supposed to be wired will determine how you want to config your accents.
Is there any included instruction?

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I’ve attached the config I’ve put together. It’s setup for:

  • Main Blade (various styles, mostly Rotoscope)
  • Green accent - solid colour when saber is on, blinks when off
  • Red accent - off while saber is on, and blinks when saber is off (red/green accents should blink at different times)

The first 8 styles are basically the same (OT Rotoscope), but for different colours. Most of them have ColorChange functions so they can be different shades. They also have different clash/lockup colours. They’re setup for:

  • Green, Neon Green, Lime
  • Mint Green
  • Cyan, Sky Blue, Blue
  • Purple, Magenta
  • Silver-blue, White
  • Pink-Red, Red
  • Blood Orange, Orange
  • Gold, Yellow

I then have Unstable, Fire, Pulse and Rainbow styles, all but the latter using ColorChange to switch between colours.

It may not be entirely what you’re looking for in a config, but hopefully it gives you a base to work from so you can get accents working and stuff.

A couple of things to note:

  • I’ve removed tracks from this config as it’s not a feature I want to use. You’ll need to add them back in (as well as your own sound fonts) if you want to use them
  • How the accents function may depend on how they’re wired. Mine’s setup assuming the Red accent is wired to bladePowerpin4, and the Green accent to bladePowerpin5
  • The styles use Random Clash rather than responsive ones as I prefer those, so that may be something you want to change
  • I haven’t actually tested this config yet. It compiles just fine, and all the styles (minus the accents which I’ve had no chance to test) work perfectly on other sabers, but I’m still waiting for the saber to arrive (and then for it to be installed). It should all be working in theory, but I can’t yet speak for how it functions in practice!

Hopefully this helps
Luke_Neo_noalias.h (97.7 KB)

I have this config that I already set up, but I’m not sure if I’m missing anything. Could you possibly look it over and see if I made any mistakes?

I set it up like you with a main blade, a green accent, and a red accent. I have my main blade style (OT rotoscope) and separate accent styles for the LED’s to blink in the pattern you stated, all set up through fett263’s style library. Right now I’m just setting it up with one preset.

The presets and blade styles isn’t usually the “hard part”. You can make that all whatever you want it to do.
The crux is the BladeConfig, so that it is actually representing how the board is wired to your “blades”, and by that I mean the accents. The MoM helper board comes in different varieties, some have jumper pads to cut the traces, onboard FETs, common switch legs… all sorts of variables to sort out.

I think that should work - the thing to keep an eye out for is which pads the LEDs are soldered to. The way yours is setup has the Green LED on pin 5 and the Red LED on pin 6. If that’s how yours is installed I think it should work.

NoSloppy did mention the helper board and I’ll admit, I’m not sure how that effects things. That could require a bit of research if things don’t work.

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I believe the helper board just acts as a means of organizing and holding the components in place in the control box and consolidating everything into one piece. I tried to search additional instructions for the helper board to see if my assumption is correct, but I was unable to find any info.

By looking at it, the connections seem to be the same as if I were to just put two independent switches and two led’s in the control box. So the helper board just makes it easy to install with out printing something to hold the components in the control box.