3mm Accent LED Sequencing

Hi all, I finally found something that stumped @NoSloppy, so he asked me to post here for the hivemind.

I had a build that was originally done on CFX and incorporated a 3-Accent LED sequence. CFX has an extremely robust multi-LED sequencing option which, while archaic at this point, is extremely useful for chassis that are designed to incorporate 3mm/5mm accent LEDs. I am trying to replicate what I did on CFX and while I am close, I’m still having a few issues.

Here is a video of what the sequence looks like on CFX, which is what I am trying to match-

I have the sequence mostly correct, but there is a big gap between the end of the sequence and when it replays, which can be seen here.

I can post both my config as it currently stands, and what this sequence looks like in CFX if that would be helpful. I might have one or two other things to figure out after this, but let’s start there for now.

Thanks all!!!

Something like this maybe:

  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0111>,
  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0011>,
  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0001>

Gradient is made so that if the number of elements in the gradient match the number LEDs, it will be a 1:1 mapping, and the sequences should play in sync.

Thats very similar to how it looks now, other than the gradient. Im waiting on Brian for some debug help then I’ll see about swapping this in. Back in touch asap.

Here is the config as it currently stands. Each of the three LEDs is its own FET and therefore its own blade. This-

Looks like it all goes in the same style, or am I mistaken? Do I just add the “Gradient<” before the sequence in each one then close the bracket after?

That version above also has something wrong in those three styles that is keeping it from compiling. I spent an hour last night trying to sniff it out with no luck, just in case it happens to jump out at you.

Yes, Sequence doesn’t compute for me. The whole 16-bits, total # of bits, binary thing is not my language.
That said, the above Gradient thing does not work in Style Editor, which would be my only hope to making something work here. It just shows a solid white, even highlighting just the individual sequences.

Additionally as Nate said, this is for 3 discrete blades, so it follows to ask as I did in another thread about using TransitionLoops instead…will they stay in sync?

Hmm, looks like it needs to be:

  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0111000000000000>,
  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0011000000000000>,
  Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0001000000000000>

Basically, there should always be 16 bits, even if only the four first are used.
(hopefully the ProffieOS code bahaves the same as the style editor…)

Ok, that works, and i had set up a similar simulation using some LinearSegment layers, but will they stay in sync as 3 separate blades?

Yes, Sequence<> is made in such a way that it always stays synchronized. In return, it will start in a random spot in the sequence when you use it.

Hey gents, I’m back… Sorry to leave you hanging, it was a long day.

Since this is three separate blades, should I put this in the style as:

LED 1- Gradient<Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0111000000000000>>
LED 2- Gradient<Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0011000000000000>>
LED 3- Gradient<Sequence<Black, White, 400, 4, 0b0001000000000000>>

Or is there some trick I’m missing where they all get lumped into one like Fredrik is describing above? Gotta admit, you guys are losing me pretty fast up there.

I should be pretty responsive now for the rest of the evening. Thanks again as always!

You don’t need the Gradient<> if it’s three separate blades.

A little trial and error and more help from @NoSloppy than I deserve and I got it! Need to add poweron, poweroff, and lockup styles and I’m good to go! I’ll let you guys know if I have any other issues but I should be in good shape!

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Hi @Nikonnate

I think this would be a good candidate for the Blad styles section for this forum, e.g. here’s a video of X

and the code is as such.

or not, it’s up to you.

Ah, good call. Not familiar with all the different sub-forums yet.

Im pretty sure I got it figured out now but if i need more help I’ll take it over there.